The Attractive Saleslady

This happened last year of May…

I was told by my wife to buy some groceries one Friday. As I was about to go outside the mall, I saw this attractive saleslady, dressed in tight fitting jeans and t-shit, wearing high heels.

My lust was activated again. Although I’d been telling myself to go home right away but as I said, my lust is something which is very powerful that oftentimes, I just keep losing the battle.

So I pretended to buy something as I went inside their store. After asking some information about their products and after I observed her supervisor went out for a while, I began my smooth moves.

When all left but me and the saleslady, with full confidence, I asked, “Is it ok we meet after your work?

She replied with a facial expression of getting playful, “Hah?! What are we gonna do, sir?”

“We’ll just eat and after I’ll drive you home.”

“Are you sure, sir?”

As I was making my own impression on her, with her sexy look and being vocal with the way she expressed herself, I was thinking she was easy to get and I can have a one stand with her.

I glanced at my watch. Obviously, I didn’t have much time left. In order to assure she shows up, I said, “Here’s 500. I’ll give you another if you show up.”

She was a bit shocked. Before she could say anything, I told her I’ll wait for her at a certain location on the agreed time. I mentioned my car plate number. I didn’t even wait for her yes. I abruptly left when her supervisor came back.

Guess what? She came and got inside the car.

She smiled and greeted me while breathing heavily, “Hi, sir!”

“Hi! Thank God, you showed up! I hope your boyfriend wouldn’t get mad about this.”

“Hahaha! As if I have a boyfriend!”

“So you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Sir, let’s not talk about it. So where shall we go?”

A text came in. I looked at my cellphone and said, “Damn!”

She asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Something came up. I have to be home right away.”

“It’s ok, sir. I’ll just go with my friends. Ok?”

I answered, “Ok. I’ll just text you. Take care now,” as I gently touched her hair.”

She got out from the car. I knew I had the opportunity to fuck her but I had to attend immediately to my daughter who got high fever.

I noticed some mysterious forces, I couldn’t identify, which have been trying to pull me out from my carnal activities. I don’t know if I have to be grateful about it but all I know, this is better as long as my family continues to be intact and well.

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