masturbate in the most pleasurable way

While working, just few minutes ago, I received an email from a man who’s asking me on how to masturbate in the most pleasurable way. He said he’s been reading my writings on this site and just like me, he’s forced to stay home and refrain from fucking other women. So he got no choice but to masturbate. However, he’s getting bored and wonder if there’s a different way to masturbate. I must admit this is the first time I’m being asked with this kind of question. Anyway, it’s worth sharing my answer to him…

This is how you masturbate and have a pleasurable experience while achieving great orgasm. Now this is the ideal scenario. You’re alone in the room and you have a desktop computer or laptop. Make up in your mind on what really turns you on. For me, what turns me on is going to a porn site and type Iwia in the search box. It’s a name of a famous European pornstar. Why her? Because she really looks like my former girlfriend whom I consider to be the yummiest girl of all the fuckings I had. Iwia got more than a hundred stunning videos. So I don’t get bored watching the same girl in different scenes.

Then I use a massage oil (with lavender orange & lemongrass essential oils) to masturbate my cock while I stand with my eyes focused on the screen. Why stand? Just try it and you can compare that the orgasm achieved is better than sitting. There must be a scientific explanation behind it. I don’t have to elaborate on how a man should do it for I can write a thousand words about it but the most important thing is focus without rushing. It means, let the video play from the start as you slowly and gently masturbate while watching her face, her facial expression, her moanings, her moves, her breasts, her legs, her vagina and the contours of her whole body. When you feel, you are about to cum, still don’t make your stroking faster.

Maintain the speed from beginning to end even when your semen fires up. Maybe you’re used to make it faster when you’re cumming but try this method and you will experience a big difference.

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