the masseuse who badly needs money during covid-19

Yesterday while I was checking my FB, suddenly, I received a message from a certain masseuse whom I had some massage fuck sessions two years ago. I was surprised.

I replied, “Hey, Roxanne! It’s been a long time. How are you?”

“I’m ok, Mike. Are you available now?”

“What do you mean? You know that we’re still on lockdown. Right?”

“I know but I can go near your place.”

“How will you be able to do that? There are police and military on the streets! You can’t cross over here unless you’re a medical worker!”

“Mike, that’s not your problem. I’m just asking you if you’re available for a massage fuck?”


“Why you’re laughing? It seems you don’t want it anymore?”

“Roxanne, I really wanna do it but just in case we meet, where are we gonna do the massage? All motels are closed!”

“I know a place. Just trust me, Mike.”

“I hope you don’t mind if I ask you this question. Ok?”

“Go ahead.”

“Why all of a sudden you’re communicating to me? It’s been two years since we last met. Why now during this covid thing?”

“Are you saying you’re afraid I have the corona virus? Hah?”

“Roxanne, I’m sorry. Is it because of the need of money you’re doing this?”

“Yes, Mike. I badly need the money now. I have to buy some milk for my baby. Since March, our spa is closed. I’ve sold some of my things. All my savings are spent.”

“What about your rich patrons? Hehehe!”

“All of them declined.”

“Of course! Everyone is afraid of this covid. You know that our positive cases are still rising here in Cebu city. Right?”

“Mike, I know.”

“We don’t have to meet. I’ll just send you some money.”

“Thank you so much, Mike. I know I can always count on you. When this covid is over, I’ll repay you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I’ll just give you your favorite kind of massage and then we’ll fuck no matter how many rounds you want. Hehehe!”



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